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  Supporting the Sustainable Management of Amphibian and Reptile Biodiversity

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can
change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." --Anon.



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The conservation breeding of two foot-flagging frog species from Borneo, Staurois parvus and Staurois guttatus. Doris Preininger, Anton Weissenbacher, Thomas Wampula, and Walter Hödl. Amphibian and Reptile Conservation 5(3):45-56(e51).


Anton Weissenbacher


ANTON WEISSENBACHER is Zoological Curator at Vienna Zoo, committee member of the European Association of Aquariums and coordinator of the European Studbook (ESB) of Brachylophus fasciatus. At Vienna Zoo he is responsible for the zoological and technical management of the aquarium, the “Desert house,” the “Rainforest house,” and monitors all zoo issues concerning fishes, amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates. Under his zoological guidance, the zoo has recently registered several ex¬ceptional breeding successes such as the world’s first Northern river terrapin, Batagur baska, hatched in captivity. Together with his team he manages the world’s largest Aphanius species breeding group. He has supervised various scientific publications and has initiated several conservation projects including Project Batagur baska.


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 Dr Robert Browne

Dr. Robert Browne Chairperson

Dr. Browne established the Internet based ARC in 2011 and expanded it globally in 2013. Robert is committed to achieving the ARC's goal to provide for the sustainable management of amphibians and reptiles. He has a wide international experience in herpetological conservation and has published over 40 scientific articles on amphibian and reptile conservation. see Biography