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  Supporting the Sustainable Management of Amphibian and Reptile Biodiversity

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can
change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." --Anon.




Slander is a form of defamation where there are legal claims for false statements of fact about a person that: 1) harms the reputation of the other person, 2) those hearing or reading the statement must identify it specifically with the plaintiff, and 3) that must be a false statement of fact.

Below we list and provide documentary evidence of fraud and defamation by Craig Hassipakis against Dr. Robert Browne in concert with the establishment of a high jacking of Amphibian and Reptile Conservation journal.

Also see Judicial Perjury as another reflection of Craig's malicious and illegal behaviour where he represents a non-existent "ARC community" as the complainant on an illicit Digital Millennium Copyright, and for further information see Craig Hassipakis Defamation Slander and Craig Hassipakis judicial perjury and Internet Fraud

The documents below list an insidious campaign by Craig to pervert the conservation community, undermine the science profession and its publication process, and attack conservation and sustainability projects at a time critical to both the survival of biodiversity and humanity.

Craig Hassipakis 

Has a science degree in Zoology that he took 8 years to complete.  Unknown employment history except for working at Hooter's a food establishment before the ARC Journal was formed in 2013. Craig probably has a history of bankruptcy, after the failure of the paper ARC leaving considerable debts, even though he obtained moneys from many institutions and individuals - see Internet Fraud ; when requested by Dr. Browne to set up and NGO in the USA for the ARC journal Craig would not do so and the ARC was a partnership at the time of Craig's journal highjacking.

Dr. Robert Browne 

Dr. Browne after recognising the crisis in conservation, at 43 years of age excelled in a highly competitive aquaculture honours program, gaining the Deans Role of Excellence for two years, and awards for the best first and final years marks.

Robert was then offered two PhD scholarships and chose the one in conservation biology. Since then Robert has worked tirelessly for amphibian and reptile conservation.

Realizing the fundamental causes of the conservation crisis come from communities disengagement with nature being reflected in political apathy, Robert then took on a pioneering Sustainability Project to create community based sustainability in a highly biodiverse country, Belize.

Even while completing this difficult task, and working for the ARC journal as International Chair, Robert continues to write definitive articles an amphibian conservation, work with projects in Iran, the USA, and China for some of the worlds most endangered amphibians, and develop the ARC journal as a community based global enterprise. see resume

Notice of policy of releasing these email strings

Because of Craig Hassipakis's ongoing activities we, in the public interest, have decided to release email strings. We note that gmails can be forged, gmails addresses and passwords can be high jacked, and gmails can be sent simply through persons accessing gmails on active computers. However, at the readers consideration of email validity in respect to multiple parties in gmail strings, and consistency of language, style, and flow, we only place genuine email strings on our posts. In contrast to Craig Hassipakis, where he publishes unsubstantiated claims, and possibly forged emails, we are happy to provide further documentary evidence for any of our claims and do so on this page.

Craig Hassipakis and his supporters begin their fraudulent, perjurious, and defamatory acts against the ARC journal and its members

The activities listed below have simply been a smokescreen by Craig Hassipakis to illicitly take ownership of the ARC. Every instance of Craig's claims against the ARC is built on lies and deception.

Craig had a long history of fraud using the ARC previous to Robert's management as a means to defraud publishers, and subscribing institutions and the public of moneys. see Internet Fraud

Craig Hassipakis fraudulent campaign to claim ownership of the ARC began with a claim of the omission of Elnaz Najafi Majd as co-author on the article authors by Omar Al-Shiekhly

To make this "official" on a second party website Craig Hassipakis had his friend  illicitly retracted the paper on his Zen Scientist website.

Zen Scientist PDF for the retraction of Omar Al-Shiekhly article. This PDF as used by Craig Hassipakis as evidence for his fraud did not have the full email string and omitted Omar Al-Shiekhly's email proving that Craig's Claims were fabricated and false. Craig's deception and lies.

We provide the  PDF of the full email string including Omar Al-Shiekhly's main email.

In a further emails 22nd August 2013 "Elnaz Najafi-Majd accompanied Omar Al-Sheikhly as a guest to survey locations of Neurergus newts in Sulaimaniya Province in Iraq in May 2012. Omar Al-Sheikhly generously and trustfully arranged the survey both financially and logistically to include Elnaz Najafi-Majd and her father, with contribution by Nature Iraq." The sites visited were previously known by Omar Al-Sheikhly and therefore his copyright.

It is interesting to note in the email by Craig PDF "This has caused a disturbance and crisis within the Iranian herpetology community" when the article concerned a report from Iraq, the primary author was from Iraq, and Elnaz Najafi Majd was from Turkey. More deception from Craig.

The above note was the beginning of an attack, ongoing to the present, by Craig Hassipakis on our major and very successful amphibian and reptile conservation projects in Iran and Iraq.

Craig Hassipakis as an editor, not publisher as he claimed, fabricates a fraudulent and illicit vote to take ownership of the ARC journal.

At the time of Craig's attempt to take ownership of the ARC it was functioning as a partnership. There was an advisory board but no company with a board, as Craig's lies.

Under partnership law unless there is formal agreement partners have equal shares of the partnership. If the partnership is dissolved all properties of the partnership are open to public sale. Within the partnership Robert was publisher and business manager, Craig Hassipakis was an editor.

Craig Hassipakis dissolved the partnership and Dr. Browne in consideration of his half share, moneys owed to the partnership by Craig, and the contributions of authors and volunteers continued the ARC on its original and genuine website www.redlist-arc.org as a community owned and based organisation.

Craig Hassipakis then conducted a malicious campaign against the ARC and its members to gain full control and ownership of the ARC.

This campaign has extended to public behaviour by Craig that is a threat to civil society generally, and particularly to the sustainable management of amphibians and reptiles.

Craig's fraud begins

Craig sent an email PDF in this full string illicitly and fraudulently dissociating Dr. Robert Browne from the ARC.

Note that in the email salutation Craig claims to be Publisher. Another of Craig's lies.

The position of Dr. Robert Browne as Publisher from the Sustainability America address is clearly shown in the inside cover of the last publication PDF by the ARC before Craig Hassipakis began his fraudulent claims. Another of Craig's lies.

Craig illicitly dissolves non-existent ARC Corporation

To support his fraudulent vote (above) Craig then fabricates an email 31st July 2013 at 3.30PM, illicitly dissolving a non-existent ARC corporation PDF.

"Votes are formally being decided as of this date if ARC activities should or will be continued under the current situation (aka as functioning as a corporation in Belize with Robert Browne, Craig Hassipakis, and Howard Clark). All principles herein please cast your vote by carbon copying via email all principles your respective decision (Yes or No)."

There was no ARC corporation and even if there was a corporation cannot be dissolved simply by a vote of the board. More of Craig's deception and lies.

Dr. Browne replies "Why are you sending misleading and often defamatory emails, supposedly from the ARC, to persons almost at random. Please discontinue your erratic behaviour. All correspondence from the ARC must be sent via the ARC email address [email protected] "

Craig then sends an email to James Lewis and Candace Hansen of the Amphibian Survival Alliance as; Craig Hassipakis's, Editor and Publisher, Amphibian & Reptile Conservation. More of Craig's deception and lies.

The arguments about Al-Shiekhly et al, 2013, are false. Craig Hassipakis then follows an attack by Elnaz Najafi Majd on Dr. Browne accusing him of editing an article he is co-author on as professional misconduct.

Elnaz Najafi Majd was coached and in collusion with Craig. In fact Craig's public notices were sent before Al-Shiekhly et al. was given a chance to respond to any allegations.

Elnaz Najafi Majd August 20th 2013 "Furthermore, it is professional misconduct and a conflict of interest that the editor of a journal involves himself in the submission of papers to the journal for which he has self-appointed him the responsibility of editing and peer-reviewing a paper for which he is an author on the paper in question!!!"

Dr. Browne to an ARC advisory board member October 23rd 2013 PDF ARC controversy "Another claim by Craig of my (Dr. Browne's) “very serious ethics violations”, again in Craig’s view leading to him taking possession of my part ownership in the ARC, concerned the editorial procedure to produce the article. The above mentioned PhD students expressed very similarly expressed concerns as well, and in this she was obviously coached by Craig. The article was a simple report of new locations for a species, with no statistical data, and no scientific hypothesis. This claim was particularly peculiar as the editorial procedure was followed as appropriate for such articles as stated on the ARC guide for authors, and Craig himself was senior editor of the article."

"Another issue is the misleading and fraudulent Craig’s use of the term ARC board. In his thinly disguised attempt to negate all previous obligations, volunteers work, and management of the ARC and take over the journal as “owner, publisher, and editor” Craig claimed that I had been voted off the ARC (whatever that means as I were a partner) by the “board/panel”. The board in this case was Craig and the layout guy and had no legal or official status, but clearly uninformed parties would consider it the ARC Advisory Board. To my knowledge although I repeatedly asked, the ARC Advisory Board has never been consulted on anything and was, to Craig, simply another sham to support his fraudulent goals."

Dr. Browne refuses to comply to Craig Hassipakis's threats, lies and deception and tries to responsibly manage the ARC journal.   PDF Cease and Desist Order August 5th 2013

In this email Craig continues with his false claim to a fictitious and fabricated board, but admits at least 45% ownership by Dr. Robert Browne of the ARC journal. In fact as a partnership Dr. Browne owned 50%. There was never any formal arrangement with Howard Clark as the layout guy. However, if volunteers were to be given ownership rights why not give the ownership of the ARC to all contributers. 

Considering Dr. Browne's 50% ownership, Craig owing considerable moneys to Dr. Browne, and the increasingly erratic behaviour of Craig, in default Dr. Browne gave ownership rights of the ARC to its contributing community.  see Internet Fraud and ARC Home Page

Dr. Robert Browne to Craig - "All official ARC emails must now be sent or received through the ARC gmail address [email protected] There have been many clearly defamatory, inaccurate, or abusive emails sent as representative of the ARC. It is my responsibility as Internet manager, and business manager, to prevent this occurring. I need to check all official emails from the ARC for defamatory, inaccurate, or abusive content, before replying of forwarding. If emails need revision they will be sent back to the sender for correction. I am quite happy to this through a third independent party if you like."

Craig Hassipakis tries to buy out Dr. Browne clearly admitting Dr. Browne's ownership of the ARC PDF Retraction of paper

Craig Hassipakis August 9th. "How much are you asking for me to buy you out completely (not including Howard)?" "What are you presently asking from me so I can get my journal 100% back?"

Robert Browne Aug 12th 2013 "From my standpoint, the first step in any reconciliation is for you to formally, through an email with a letter attached, apologise for the defamatory emails you sent concerning me."

Robert Browne Aug 12th 2013 "  You were not publisher of the ARC, I and the website were and are. You owe money to the ARC for the website that have consistently not been paid when due."

Craig Hassipakis August 9th."Again for the ninth time, what are you asking for your contribution to ARC since you have been involved?"

Dr. Robert Browne "I could not sell you my share of the ARC without a certainty that it will be run responsibly."

Craig threatens to publish a paper primarily authored by Dr. Browne without copyright permission and without authors approval of proof

Craig Hassipakis as editor "We will also publish the Part B cryptobranchid paper as is if no changes are submitted to us this week." Retraction of paper PDF

Craig threatens further defamation through blackmail if Dr Browne does not comply to Craig's demands refer to Retraction of paper PDF

Saturday Aug 17th.

From Craig Hassipakis - "OFFICIAL NOTICE - Official notices will be posted and distributed through herpetological publications (FrogLog, Amphibian & Reptile Conservation, and others) online and in print of .... your unethical behaviors and involvement as editor of the paper (major conflict of interests), unwillingness to retract the paper from the ARC website, and unauthorized and illegal activities running an official ARC website in Belize."

"If this is not done immediately official notices will start again and in addition to the notice above from the publishing headquarters of ARC to the herpetological community of its official retraction of the paper and your refusal to take it off the ARC website. ARC does not support plagiarism and any conflicts of interest within its editorial board."

Craig attacks and undermines a major sustainability project in Belize

Details of this particularly repulsive and vindictive act see Craig_Hassipakis_Defamation_Slander

Craig Mon, Aug 19, 2013. More blackmail threats of defamation against Dr. Browne.

"We have many things to work through if you want to remain a somewhat reputable person in the field of science but you continue to show your true character by your unethical and illegal activities toward a journal you have had little involvement and professional efforts toward creating. Pull your head out of your rectum and realize what you are doing to your career!

Do you think this is going to gain you respect once the entire scientific community is aware of your behaviors as a previous editor for ARC? Most people don't even know who you are but they will and it will not be good if you continue to be uncooperative ... "

Dr. Browne as a responsible manager and in the interests of the ARC journal, its volunteers, and authors, attempts to conciliate. "So lets put our differences aside and continue the great work and tradition of the ARC, by following our previous, and clearly stated commitments."

Craig ignores this and continues with his campaign of blackmail and fraudulent, perjurious, and defamatory acts against the ARC journal and its staff and volunteers to the present.

Craig Hassipakis, September 1st 2013. "My patience will not last forever so I would take advantage of this opportunity before things get very bad for you and your reputation continues to decline further than it already has."

And so Craig goes ahead to the present with his highjacker ARC journal, with a boat full of supporters, floating on a sea of lies, deception, and defamation.

Scholarly Open Access journals

Below is Craig Hassipakis's public deception clearly exposed by an increasing cascade of lies and defamation when his malicious plans are stymied

Craig's increasingly arrogant, defamatory, and clearly false statements are somewhat summarised on this public website - Scholarly Open Access


The Scholarly Open Access website is devoted to assessing the credibility of journals. Craig Hassipakis contacted this site about blacklisting our original and genuine ARC journal if favour of his fraudulent one. The sites manager wisely disregarded Craig's request.

There are two particularly repulsive and vindictive posts by Craig on this site, that Dr. Browne is committing illegal activities by standing up against Craig's lies, deception and defamation, and attacks Dr. Robert Browne's professional integrity and employment history, and on very successful amphibian and reptile conservation programs in Iran and Iraq co-managed by Dr. Browne.

The attacks on our Iranian program began with some of Craig's first emails, and now have extended to an inappropriate listing of our original and genuine ARC journal by some Iranian authorities. We were provided no opportunity to contest this listing.

The listing was pushed through by an Iranian academic with an axe to grind. He was taken off grant moneys by Dr. Browne due to poor management and defamatory claims against another academic that had replaced him as department head.

On this site the arguments proposed by Craig's supporters, and our powerful refutations, make is quite clear what is the character of Craig Hassipakis. 

The number of thumbs up for Craig and his supporters defamatory and malicious post indicates a serious weakness of character and an inability to differentiate between the truth and lies in these respondents.









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 Dr Robert Browne

Dr. Robert Browne Chairperson

Dr. Browne established the Internet based ARC in 2011 and expanded it globally in 2013. Robert is committed to achieving the ARC's goal to provide for the sustainable management of amphibians and reptiles. He has a wide international experience in herpetological conservation and has published over 40 scientific articles on amphibian and reptile conservation. see Biography