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  Supporting the Sustainable Management of Amphibian and Reptile Biodiversity

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can
change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." --Anon.



Author's Biography


Herpetofaunal diversity and distribution in Kalugala proposed forest reserve, Western province of Sri Lanka. 2012. W. Madhava S. Botejue, Jayantha Wattavidanage. Amphibian and Reptile Conservation 5(2):65-80(e38).

Dr Jayantha Wattavidanage

DR. JAYANTHA WATTAVIDANAGE has been involved in teaching and research in the fields of ecology, faunal diversity, limnology, and molecular parasitology for the past twenty years. He is strongly involved in popularizing science among the general public and is the author of a large number of newspaper and magazine articles. Currently, he is the Chairman, National Committee for Science Popularizing, National Science Foundation in Sri Lanka. He works as a Senior Lecturer in zoology at The Open University of Sri Lanka beginning in 1990. Jayantha earned his B.Sc. and M.Phil. from University of Sri Jayawardenepura and Ph.D. from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. He conducted post doctoral research on molecular genetics of Malaria at University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He is also a recipient of many research awards including the Presidential Award for his research publications.


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 Dr Robert Browne

Dr. Robert Browne Chairperson

Dr. Browne established the Internet based ARC in 2011 and expanded it globally in 2013. Robert is committed to achieving the ARC's goal to provide for the sustainable management of amphibians and reptiles. He has a wide international experience in herpetological conservation and has published over 40 scientific articles on amphibian and reptile conservation. see Biography